Our guiding principle is that through thorough understanding, a student can better apply their knowledge. This way of training is extremely challenging, both, mentally and physically. 

Here we try to fill the need for the student, whether experienced or not, who is looking for something different. As you may have discovered, not every martial style or school is right for everyone. Conventional training focuses on memorization and repetition of movements demonstrated by an instructor. What I teach, is to first, acknowledge that the human body and natural forces are the only constants in any martial art study. Then, I convey a thorough understanding of body mechanics and the nature of force and energy. Lastly, based on these concepts, I teach how to apply these martial arts, in a realistic, and reasonable manner. Proper understanding of these concepts forces the student to question, not only their perception of how the body works, but the way they see the world in general. Not everyone can grasp and apply these concepts, but to those who can, it is a extremely rewarding experience on many levels.

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